Work attitude and safety

Working in mines and in exploration can be challenging – due to physically demanding work, long hours, huge workloads in a short time span, etc. A strong work ethic and a positive work attitude are generally required.


Workers need to be proactive when it comes to work attitude. Conrad, a foreman, puts it this way, “You need a strong mental condition. You need to know what you are working for. We need independent and self-encouraged workers. It is not possible to explain and supervise every step. People must know their job and be ‘self-starters’. They need to be able to self-motivate.” This becomes difficult when it comes to problems such as addictions.

People need to make it on time to be picked up for the next shift. Not showing up can result in a lay-off.


In times of a downturn in the industry, it can then be hard to find another job.

Conrad continues, “It is a small world here in mining. You can easily ruin your reputation when sleeping-in regularly or not getting on the airplane and so on. You also might be registered when you are caught in a drug test and will not be hired again.”


Work in the mining sector, regardless of the specific field you are working in, can be dangerous, so health and safety regulations are essential.

Working in these circumstances requires a strong commitment to safety.


Jobs in the mining sector can be also monotonous and repetitive. This can lead to dangerous situations when people are not alert at all times. Fatigue and stress may lead to psychological problems such as depression. See a doctor if symptoms occur.


In everyday safety meetings at the mine sites, the rules and regulations of mining work practices are explained. Supervisors must take care that their workers wear personal protective equipment, including safety gear tailored to their position.

Workers must also be responsible for their own personal safety and ensure they do not behave in a careless manner while on duty.


A healthy work attitude – on part of the workers as well as the bosses and supervisors – is key to avoiding dangerous situations and accidents.


And for everyone this means that you must have patience for your own sake and everybody else’s safety. If your employer is not careful in terms of obeying safety regulations get in touch with your labour union. You can also contact, in the case of the Yukon, the Yukon Worker`s Compensation Health and Safety Board.


It is your right to have a safe and healthy work place.

There is always work here. If you want to work, there is work. Sometimes it´s really good, and sometimes you got to get your hands dirty but there is always something to do. Freddy


My grandfather always told me: you go to work, you finish the job you started. And I have always been that way. Just do your job and you will be fine. Do not to sit there and dilly dally all day. Nora

The only advice I can give to everyone coming into this industry is to be trained in safety. Safety comes first. The industry has changed a lot over the years. A lot for the better, but I think they could build in more safety aspects into the training courses. I think the safety aspects still could be improved. Willy


I started out as a labourer. I didn´t like it, when I was young, that it was so slow to advance. Now that I am 47 I know that it is the proper way to bring people up slowly. Today they do it much faster in mining and this is not good for safety. Young people really need to learn step by step. Francis